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Pilchuck Co-Founder Anne Gould Hauberg Dies at 98

Northwest arts patron Anne Gould Hauberg died Monday, April 11,  in Seattle at age 98. Hauberg was a longtime supporter of the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM). In 1971, along with then husband John Hauberg and artist Dale Chihuly, she founded the Pilchuck Glass School.

Hauberg was the daughter of architect Carl Gould who designed many prominent buildings in the Northwest. She studied architecture at the University of Washington. Her father designed the campus and founded the architecture department there.

According to a 2006 interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Hauberg was responsible for the creation of Seattle’s Freeway Park, the preservation of Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market, and the Pilot School for Neurologically Impaired Children, now the University of Washington’s Experimental Education Unit.

In 2013 TAM took possession of Hauberg’s collection of 159 art works. They are primarily of glass but the collection also contains jewelry and paintings. Along with significant gifts from Chihuly, Hauberg’s bequeathed gift attracted other significant gifts from artist Paul Marioni and, in January, another from Becky Benaroya. TAM has been planning a show of the highlights of her collection. It will open in the fall of 2017.

Memorial services will be held at noon April 18 at the Asian Art Museum in Seattle.

| Posted 16 Apr 13

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