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The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. We accept monetary contributions that support our grants program. 

AACG also has a tribute program, where you can make donations as a tribute to another person.  For example, donations may be made to honor, memorialize or wish someone a speedy recovery. They can be made on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries, births, engagements, marriages, etc.

To make a donation, either:

Donate by mail: Include your check to AACG, your name, street address, telephone number and e-mail address. If your donation is a tribute, include who and what the tribute is for, and so we can send an acknowledgement, include the recipient’s name and address, and whether you would like the donation published or to remain anonymous. Mail to AACG, 11700 Preston Rd. Ste 660 PMB 327, Dallas, TX 75230.


Donate online: Click here to proceed to the online donation form.

2023 Tributes (in order of most recent):
In memory of Anna Mendel
     By Linda Greene and Neal Blankinship
     By Sharon Karmazin and Dave Greene
In memory of Neal Spero
     By Louise Abrahams
     By Lisa and Ron Brill
     By Diane Farber
     By Toby and Sandy Franklin
     By Ellen and Mark Greenberger
     By Linda Greene and Neal Blankinship
     By Judy and Stuart Heller
     By Cheryl Lapin
     By Sheldon Palley and Lisa Palley

2022 Tributes
In memory of Richard Basch
     By Arlene and Norman Silvers
In memory of Warren Coville
     By the Southwest Florida Glass Art Alliance
In honor of Larry Sibrack, outgoing president, and Demetra Theofanous, incoming president of AACG. With thanks to these two leaders.
     By Sharon Karmazin
In memory of Stan Epstein
     By Anna and Joe Mendel
In honor of Rita Sibrack's 80th birthday
     By Susan Glass and Arni Thorsteinson
In Honor of Larry Sibrack, in thanks for superlative service as AACG president
     By Suzanne Perrault
In Honor of Leba and Jack Cooperstone's Special Anniversary
     By Sandra Ainsley and Daniel Ainsley
     By Anna and Joe Mendel

Donate online: Fill in the form below and then continue to contribute using your credit card via PayPal.  PayPal will e-mail you a receipt for your donation. 

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