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Grants Awarded

Grants Awarded

The following is a list of the grants awarded by the AACG since 1991, for a total of $1,368,718. To see a graph of annual grant amounts awarded from through 2019, click here. To see a graph of cumulative grants through 2019, click here

AACG Grants Awarded from 1991 to the Present

2019 Fall Grants ($44,700)

  • Anchorage re: MADE (Anchorage, AK) for public program with demonstration and workshop, $2,000
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass (Neenah, WI) for Wisconsin artist series including ten gallery talks, demos and/or lectures. $4,000
  • Boise Art Museum (ID) for the site-specific exhibition: Ann Gardiner. $5,000
  • Evangeline Arts Council (Ville Platte, LA) for the public project "Spere of Hope" mosaic sculpture. $2,500
  • Fort Houston Artisan Support Project (Nashville, TN) for the exhibition: CHROMA: A Contemporary Survey of American Glass. $3,000
  • Grand Rapids Art Museum (MI) for the exhibition: A New State of Matter: Contemporary Glass. $3,000
  • Morris Museum of Art (Augusta, GA) to fund a museum guide brochure for a new permanent contemporary glass gallery.  $4,200
  • Museum of Arts and Design (New York, NY) for the exhibition: Beth Lipman: Collective Elegy. $10,000
  • Sonoran Glass School (Tucson, AZ) for a five-weekend visiting artist series. $3,000
  • UrbanGlass (Brooklyn, NY) to support the 2020 Studio Residency Program for four artists. $4,000
  • Western Carolina University Fine Art Museum (Cullowhee, NC) for the exhibition: Works of Kit Paulson and SaraBeth Post. $4,000

2019 Spring Grants ($35,800)

  • Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk, VA) for support of daily free public demos in the Perry Glass Studio. $5,000
  • Flint Institute of Arts (MI) for mini residencies and guest artists. $6,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA) for the exhibition: Richard Marquis Survey. $5,000
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA) for the exhibition: Jaime Guerrero’s Border Angels. $6,000
  • Salem Art Works (Salem, NY) for demos, lecture, and three-day workshop with Laura Donefer. $2,800
  • Tacoma Arts Museum (WA) for the Seattle photo shoot for The Documenta Project. $6,000
  • WheatonArts (Millville, NJ) for the exhibition: Emanation 2019. $5,000

2018 Fall Grants ($35,000)

  • 108 Contemporary (Tulsa, OK): Exhibition: Beth Lipman: Accidental Vestiges. $7,000
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass (Neenah, WI): Artist lectures  by Joyce Scott and de la Torres brothers during exhibition Changes: Glass Artists with a Point of View. $5,000
  • Glass Art Society: Day of Glass at 2019 GAS Conference in St. Petersburg. $3,000
  • Google Works Center for the Arts (Reading, PA): Sponsorship of one contemporary glass artist residency. $4,000
  • National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia, PA): Exhibition: Wheels on Fire, exploring the role of women in functional glass art. $2,000
  • New Orleans School of Glassworks and Printmaking Studio (LA): Six-day event with Chihuly team members demoing during Jazz Fest. $2,000
  • Portland Museum of Art (ME): Exhibition: Vanguard: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, 1950-1969. $4,500
  • Tacoma Art Museum (WA): Exhibition: Metaphor into Form: Art in the Era of the Pilchuck Glass School. $7,500

2018 Spring Grants ($43,000)

  • Bellevue Art Museum (WA): Exhibition: BAM Biennial 2018: BAM! Glasstastic. $2,000
  • DMG School Project (St. Petersburg, FL): Emerging artist residency program. $2,500
  • Flint Institute of Arts (MI): Week-long residency with Jeff Mack in Hot Glass Studio. $2,500
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art (IN): Exhibition: Shift, Dan Clayman. $2,500
  • Glass Art Kalamazoo (MI): Three visiting artist programs and exhibitions: $1,000
  • Huntington Beach Art Center (CA): Exhibition: Shines Through. $2,000
  • Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection (U. of VA, Charlottesville): Exhibition: Jenni Kemarre Martiniello: Freshwater Saltwater Weave. $3,000
  • Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester, NY): Exhibition: The Path to Paradise: Judith Schaechter’s Stained Glass Art. $5,000
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (AL): Exhibition: Lino Tagliapietra: Master of Glass. $5,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA): Funding for exhibition catalog Raven and the Box of Daylight. $5,000
  • Museum of Wisconsin Art (West Bend): Installation exhibition of Beth Lipman sculpture, InEarth. $3,000
  • North Carolina Glass Center (Asheville): Exhibition: North Carolina and the Studio Glass Movement. $2,000
  • Sonoran Glass School (Tucson, AZ): Exhibition: Remembering Kristallnacht: New Work from Broken Glass. $2,000
  • Springfield Museums (MA): Programming related to exhibition: Kids Design Glass. $2,000
  • Toe River Arts (Burnsville, NC): Exhibit: Sphere of Influence: Glass Artists of Western North Carolina. $2,500
  • UrbanGlass (Brooklyn, NY): Exhibit: Apparatus: The Art of Scientific Glass. $2,000

2017 Fall Grants ($38,000)

  • Boise Art Museum (ID): Exhibition: One-of-a-Kind: Contemporary Studio Glass. $3,500
  • Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk, VA): Visiting artist series for 2018. $4,500
  • Craft & Folk Art Museum (Los Angeles, CA): Exhibition: Katherine Gray: As Clear as the Experience. $3,000
  • DEEP Arts (Rochester, NY): Film documentation of Laura Donefer's Todesmarche Revisited installation, in Florida. $3,500
  • Glass Art Society: Staging and bleachers for demos, lectures, community events at the 2018 GAS conference in Venice, Italy. $5,500
  • National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia, PA): Exhibition: Glass and Audio in Dialogue. $3,000
  • Palm Springs Art Museum (CA): Exhibition: Contemporary Narratives in Glass. $4,000
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA): Exhibition: Kelly O'Dell's transient (h)ours. $2,500
  • Wayne Art Center (PA): Exhibition: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Glass. $3,000
  • WheatonArts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ): Continuation of Emanation Project. $5,500

2017 Spring Grants ($31,200)

  • Allegany Arts Council (Cumberland, MD): Exhibition: Hot Glass. $3,200
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass (Neenah, WI): Exhibition: Searching for Excellence. $6,000
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft: Exhibition: Noble NEON. $6,000
  • Jamestown Arts Center (RI): Exhibition: Nature by Design. $1,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA): Exhibition: Complementary Contrasts: The Glass and Steel Sculptures of Albert Paley. $7,500
  • Tacoma Art Museum (WA): Exhibition: Highlights from the Anne Gould Hauberg Collection. $7,500

2016 Fall Grants ($56,000)

  • Cameron Art Museum (Wilmington, NC): Exhibition: From the Fire: Contemporary Glass. $5,000
  • Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton, NJ): Exhibition: Joyce C. Scott: Harriet Tubman and Other Truths. $10,000
  • Madison Square Park Conservancy (New York City, NY): Exhibition: Prismatic Park: Colored Glass to Destroy Hatred by Josiah McElheny. $5,000
  • Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, Saginaw Valley State University (University Center, MI): Exhibition: Floating World by Karen Lamonte. $5,000
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Bakalar & Paine Galleries (Boston, MA): Exhibition: Vitreous Bodies: Assembled Visions in Glass. $7,000
  • Morris Museum (Morristown, NJ): Exhibition: Lino Tagliapietra - Maestro of a Glass Renaissance. $4,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA): Exhibition: Linda MacNeil: Jewels of Glass. $5,000
  • New York Botanical Garden (Bronx, NY): Exhibition: Chihuly. $10,000
  • Sonoran Glass School (Tucson, AZ): Class/Exhibition: John Kabuki: Learning the “Compression” technique. $2,000
  • UrbanGlass (Brooklyn, NY): Exhibition: 2017 MFA Exhibition. $3,000

2016 Spring Grants ($27,487)

  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass: Exhibition: Bending Brilliance: Contemporary Light Works in Neon and Plasma. $6,887
  • Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art: Exhibition of work by Benjamin Johnson. $4,000 (challenge grant)
  • Oregon Symphony Association: Staging of Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle with towering Chihuly sculptures. $9,000
  • WheatonArts and Cultural Center: Development phase of 2017 Museum of American Glass exhibit Emanation II. $7,600

2015 Fall Grants ($34,300) 

  • Boca Raton Museum of Art (FL): Exhibition: Glasstress. $9,000
  • First City Art Center, Pensacola (FL): 2016 Visiting Artists Program. $2,500
  • Glass Art Society: Corning GAS Conference neon show and Day of Glass. $3,500
  • Kentuk Art Center (Northport, AL): Exhibition: Works of Cal Breed. $1,500
  • Lauren Rogers Museum of Art (Laurel, MS): Exhibition: Chihuly: Venetians from the George R. Stroemple Collection. $4,000
  • Museum of Craft and Design (San Francisco): Exhibition: Without Camouflage. Dafna Kaffeman. Silvia Levenson. $3,500
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA): Exhibition: Lifeforms. $6,000
  • The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology (Neward, OH): FireWorks glass education and entrepreneurship program for at-risk youth. $1,300
  • Tyler Museum of Art (TX): Exhibition: Chihuly: Works from Texas Collections. $3,000

2015 Spring Grants ($16,500)

  • Cal State San Bernardino Fullerton Museum of Art: Exhibition: Katherine Gray. $3,000
  • Center for Visual Arts (Greensboro, NC): Exhibition: Glassworks. $2,500
  • GlassRoots (Newark, NJ): Portable hotshop to Newark parks. $1,000
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (Alabama): Exhibition: Beth Lipman. $5,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA): Exhibition: Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick retrospective. $5,000

2014 Fall Grants ($47,000)

  • American University Museum: Exhibition: Silvia Levenson, Identitad. $3,500
  • Baker Arts Center (Liberal, KS): Exhibition: Art Glass of John McDonald. $500
  • David Owsley Museum of Art, Ball State University (Muncie, IN): Reprinting of catalog for Without Camouflage, Dafna Kaffeman, Silvia Levenson. $3,000
  • Foothills Art Center (Golden, CO): Exhibition: A Passion for Glass: Art Glass from Colorado Collections. $4,000
  • Glass Art Society: Day of Glass at 55th Annual GAS Conference in San Jose, CA. $3,500
  • Lee County Alliance for the Arts (Fr. Myers, FL): Exhibition: Works in Glass. $1,000
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston): Residency of artists John Drury and Robbie Miller. $2,500
  • Museum of Craft and Design (San Francisco): Exhibition: Amber Cowan: Second-Life Glass. $4,000
  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston: Exhibition: Objects in Flux: Exploring the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft. $6,000
  • Neusole Foundation (Neusole Glassworks, Cincinnati, OH): Residency of Fritz Dreisbach and exhibition of his work. $2,000
  • Palm Springs Art Museum: Exhibition: Links: Australian Glass and the Pacific Northwest. $4,000
  • Pilchuck Glass School: Film Project: Pilchuck: A Dance with Fire. $5,000
  • The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago: Exhibition: Work of Italian mosaic artist Verdiano Marzi. $1,500
  • The Works, Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology (Newark, OH): Exhibition: Confinement, work of Eric Hernandez. $1,000
  • WheatonArts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ): Exhibition: Emanation, residency and exhibit project. $5,500

2014 Spring Grants ($19,850)

  • American Craft Council: First phase of Glass Secessionism project. $2,000
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass (Neenah, WI): Programming connected to exhibition "William Morris, Native Species." $3,850
  • Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (Wilmington): Exhibition "John Moran presents American Idols." $3,000
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art (IN): Exhibition: Peter Bremers "Inward Journey." $4,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA): Exhibition: "Lightness of Being: New Sculpture by Howard Ben Tre." $4,000
  • National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia, PA): Exhibition: "Create + Collect = Connect." $3,000

2013 Fall Grants ($36,500)

  • Hunterdon Art Museum (Clinton, NJ): Exhibition "Glass! Extraordinary Works by the Fellows of Wheaton Arts." $2,500
  • The John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art Foundation, Inc. (FL): Exhibition "The Philip and Nancy Kotler Collection." $4,500
  • Glass Art Society: Day of Glass and Gallery Hop at 2014 43rd GAS Conference in Chicago. $2,000
  • Peoria Riverfront Museum (IL): Exhibition "Chihuly and Friends: Highlights from the George R. Stroemple Collection." $3,000
  • Knoxville Museum of Art (TN): Exhibition "Facets of Modern and Contemporary Glass." $5,000
  • New Britain Museum of Art (CT): Exhibition "Contemporary Glass: 21st Century Innovations." $5,500
  • Minnetrista (Muncie, IN): Exhibition "Emerging Artists" curated by Silvia Levenson and Dafna Kaffeman. $2,000
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center for Creative Glass Center of America (CGCA) (NJ): Writing and publicagion of essays on all 2014 CGCA Fellows. $1,500
  • Nordic Heritage Museum (Seattle, WA): Exhibition "Pull, Twist, Blow - Revolution in the Kingdom of Glass." $2,500
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center: Artists' residencies and exhibition of their work during 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial. $3,000
  • UrbanGlass (Brooklyn, NY): Exhibition "A Tree Grows" by Katherine Gray. $5,000

2013 Spring Grants ($30,400)

  • American Glass Guild: Exhibition American Glass Now. $2,000
  • Bellevue Arts Museum (WA):  Program Short Stories: Narrative Works by Nate Steigenga, Anna Torma, and Cappy Thompson. $3,000
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum: Exhibition Glass Artists of the New North. $4,000
  • Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery: Exhibition 6,000 Footprints. $4,000
  • Columbus Museum (GA): Exhibition Feel the Heat: Contemporary Glass Sculpture. $4,000
  • David Owsley Museum of Art Ball State University (IN): DVD documentation of Anders Ruhwald’s residency. $2,500
  • Morean Arts Center (FL): Design & printing of glassblowing educational brochure. $2,500
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA): Exhibition Caution Fragile! $4,000
  • Reading Public Museum (PA):  Gallery guide and “Art in the Afternoon” programs. $3,000
  • SiNaCa Studios School of Glass (Ft. Worth, TX): Artist fee for one visiting artist in series. $1,400

2012 Fall Grants ($19,000)

  • Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the U of VA: For lecture by Preston Singletary. $1,500         
  • Art Museum of South Texas-Corpus Christi (TX): For exhibition "Contemporary Studio Glass from the Collection of the Mobile Museum of Art." $3,000
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (AL): For exhibition "Cam Langley - A Retrospective." $1,000       
  • Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH): For exhibition "Josiah McElheny: Towards a Light Club." $3,500                       
  • Glass Art Society: For Day of Glass and Gallery Hop at 2013 GAS conference in Boston. $2,000              
  • Des Moines Art Center: Educational Programming for Exhibition: "Transparencies: Contemporary Art and A History of Glass." $4,000
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (NJ): For Museum of American Glass annual exhibit celebrating 30th anniversary of Creative Glass Center of America. $4,000

2012 Spring Grants ($65,000)

All spring 2012 AACG grants awarded were for 2012 projects in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of contemporary glass in the U.S. 

  • Berkshire Museum (MA): For exhibition "Tom Patti: Echoes in Space." $3,000
  • Boise Art Museum (ID): For exhibition "William Morris and Alexis Rockman: The Art of Nature." $3,500
  • Cedarhurst Center for the Arts (IL): For exhibition "The Walter Collection of Glass Art." $2,500
  • Columbia Museum of Art (SC): For exhibition "Born From Fire: American Studio Glass from the Collection." $3,000
  • Craft and Folk Art Museum (Los Angeles, CA): For exhibition "Glass’ Big Bang: Celebrating 50 Years of Studio Glass." $4,000
  • Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento, CA): For a series of programs led by Preston Singletary in conjunction with 50th anniversary exhibition. $1,500
  • Durango Arts Center (CO): For its Blown Glass Invitational exhibit featuring Chihuly and artists he has influenced. $2,000
  • Fallbrook Art Center (CA): For exhibition 15th Annual "Galaxy of Glass" and corresponding public programs. $2,000
  • Foothills Art Center (Golden, CO): For exhibition "Chihuly Venetians: The George R. Stroemple Collection." $2,500
  • Gallery North (Setauket, NY): For exhibition "Art Glass" to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Studio Art Glass movement. $1,000
  • High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA): For Corning Museum of Glass Hot Roadshow and ancillary museum exhibit. $3,000
  • Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (MI): For exhibition "39th International Glass Invitational." $3,500
  • La Quinta Arts Foundation (CA): For featured Artist (Randy Strong) at La Quinta Arts Festival. $1,000
  • Mesa Arts Center (AZ): To support one of four glass exhibitions. $3,000
  • National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia, PA): For exhibition "Seeking Freedom." $4,000
  • Oakland Museum of California: For exhibition "Fifty Years of California Studio Glass." $5,000
  • Orlando Museum of Art (FL): For exhibition "Contemporary Glass Sculpture: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Studio Glass." $6,000
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA): For exhibition "Another Look" highlighting the work of 6 talented yet not adequately recognized Seattle artists. $1,500
  • Roseville Arts – Blue Line Gallery (CA): For exhibition of glass artists from the region. $1,500
  • The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts (Highlands, NC): For exhibition "Green Art." $1,500
  • The Crucible (Oakland, CA): For a two-day symposium and exhibition on "50 Years of Studio Art Glass 1962-2012: California’s Contribution." $2,000
  • The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology (Columbus): For exhibition "Littleton’s Grand Students: Legacies of the Father of American Studio Glass." $1,000
  • Western Carolina University Fine Art Museum (Cullowhee, NC): For exhibition "North Carolina Glass 2012: A Celebration of 50 Years of Studio Glass in America." $3,000
  • Wheaton Arts & Cultural Center (NJ): For "Celebration: 50 and Forward" summer seminar. $4,000

2011 Fall Grants ($77,150)

All 2011 grants were for exhibitions and projects related to the 2012 Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Studio Glass in America.

  • Allentown Art Museum (PA): Exhibition of the Lerner Contemporary Glass Collection. $1,500 
  • Art Institute of Chicago: Exhibition of contemporary glass to commemorate the 50th anniversary. $4,000
  • Asheville Art Museum (NC): "Fire on the Mountain: Studio Glass in Western North Carolina." $5,500
  • Berkshire Museum (Pittsfield, MA): Tom Patti: Echoes in Space. $3,000
  • Block Museum of Art (IL): Exhibition to honor the origins and trajectory of the Studio Glass Movement. $2,000
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art (FL): "Voices of Contemporary Glass: The 50th Anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement." $4,000
  • Dallas Arboretum (TX): 2012 "Chihuly at the Arboretum." $6,000
  • Fort Collins Museum of Art: "Colorado Collects Glass: A Celebration of the American Studio Glass Movement." $4,000
  • Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton, MA): "Dan Daily: Working Methods." $5,000
  • Glass Art Society: Day of Glass at G.A.S. Toledo conference. $2,000
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (TX): "Transference. This installation investigates the history of glass as musical instrument." $2,000
  • Illinois State University, University Galleries: "Studio Glass at 50: A Tradition in Flux." $3,500
  • Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art (IN): HOT GLASS: Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art® Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of American Studio Glass (Indiana). $1,500
  • Minnetristra (IN): "GLASS A Juried Art Show 2012, inaugural show in partnership with Ball State University (Indiana)." $2,000
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (AL): "Stephen Rolfe Powell: A Retrospective." $3,500
  • Muskegon Museum of Art (MI): "50 X 50: A Glass Invitational Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement." $4,000
  • Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale of Nova Southeastern University: Studio Glass Symposium with exhibition of works of Isabel De Obaldía. $3,000
  • Museum of Glass, Tacoma: "Scapes, a testament to generations of glass history, international influences, and the future of the movement." $4,000
  • Museum of Seminole County History (FL): "Glass Fascination: Form, Function and Art." $750
  • Plains Art Museum (Fargo, ND): "Jon Offutt: Dakota Horizons, a special glass installation." $2,000
  • Smithsonian American Art Museum: Special panel discussion on the history of the Studio Glass Movement. $3,000
  • Sonoran Glass Art Academy (Tucson, AZ): 50-year Anniversary Celebration, as part of the Tucson Glass Festival, featuring lectures, demonstrations and exhibits by Laura Donefer, Henry Halem, and Tom Philabaum. $1,500
  • Taos Institute for Glass Arts (NM): "Taos Celebrates Contemporary Glass: A Fifty Year Anniversary of Art Innovation." $1,500
  • UrbanGlass Art Quarterly Magazine: Special issue of GLASS Quarterly: The UrbanGlass Arts Quarterly. $2,500
  • Visual Arts Center of Richmond (VA): "Harvey K. Littleton: Innovation and Process." $4,000
  • Tucson Museum of Art: Lectures by Fritz Dreisbach and Henry Halem commemorating the 50th anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement. $1,400

2011 Spring Grants  ($55,500)

All 2011 grants were for exhibitions and projects related to the 2012 Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Studio Glass in America.

  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum (WI), “The Legacy of Littleton: Harvey Littleton and his Wisconsin Glass Program Students.”  $3,000
  • Bowling Green State University Foundation (OH), to fund workshops and demonstrations with Japanese glassmakers, as well as an exhibition. $1,000
  • Dennos Museum Center at Northwestern Michigan College, Howard Ben Tre Solo Exhibition. $1,000
  • Flint Institute of Arts (MI), to fund educational programming related to an exhibition of Contemporary American Paperweights. $1,000
  • Jack & Shirley Lubeznik Center for the Arts (IN), “Light & Flow: 50th Anniversary of Contemporary Studio Glass.” $3,000
  • Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, “Young Guns: The Legacy of Littleton and Labino.” $3,000
  • Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Fifty Years: Contemporary American Glass from Illinois Collections.” $5,000
  • Morean Arts Center (FL), to fund Mavericks in Motion, youth education camps dedicated to creation of glass art. $1,000
  • Museum & Arts Center in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley (WI), “Transcendence – Celebrating 50 Years of the Studio Glass Movement.” $1,000
  • Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (NJ), to fund major invitational of past Creative Glass Center of America fellows. $5,000
  • Museum of Arts and Design (NY), “Alchemists and Magicians.” $10,000
  • Norton Museum of Art (FL), “Beth Lipman: A Still-Life Installation.” $5,000
  • Palm Springs Art Museum (CA), “Contemporary Glass” and “Michael Petry: The Touch of the Oracle.” $5,000
  • Racine Art Museum (WI), “Cutting Edge: Exploring Glass Jewelry – RAM Honors 50 Years of Studio Glass Art.” $1,000
  • Rockford Art Museum (IL), “Into the Light: Illinois Glass.” $4,000
  • Telfair Museums (Savannah, GA), “Blown, Assembled and Cast: A Celebration of Contemporary Glass.” $4,000
  • The University of Arizona Museum of Art & Archive of Visual Arts (Tucson), Matt Eskuche’s “trash glass” artwork, Agristocracy. $2,500

2010 ($44,500)

  • Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), "Eyes for Glass: the Price Collection."  $5000
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MA), Catalog for "Dale Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass." $7,500
  • Flint Museum of Art (MI), "Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect."  $5000
  • Glass Roots (Newark, NJ), Flo Perkins workshop.  $1000
  • Mobile Museum of Fine Art (AL), "Richard Jolley and Tommie Rush: A Life in Glass." $4,000
  • Morean Art Center (St. Petersburg, FL),  "Ricky Bernstein: Kitchen Dreams."  $3000
  • Museum & Arts Center (Sequim, WA), "Transcendence – The Magic of Glass, an Exhibition of Contemporary Glass."  $1000
  • National Museum of the American Indian (New York, NY),  "Preston Singletary: Echoes, Fire and Shadows." $4,500
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA), "The Brychtova Forum – Women Artists Working in Glass: Celebrating Innovation and Vision Across Generations."  $4500
  • Sonoran Glass Art Academy (Tucson, AZ),  To support a retrospective exhibition of Ana Thiel at the University of Arizona Museum of Art. $3,000
  • Tucson Museum of Art (AZ),  "Borderlanda," Einar and Jamex de la Torre. $3,000
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ), Pino Signoretto residency.  $4000

2009 ($59,250) 

  • Columbus Museum of Art (OH),  "Chihuly Illuminated."  $4500
  • Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum (Seattle, WA),  Maria Grazia Rosin, "Gelatine Lux."  $5000
  • Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton, MA),  "Josh Simpson: A Journey in Glass."  $3000
  • Glass Art Society (Seattle, WA),  public programs during its 40th Annual Conference in Louisville, KY.  $3000
  • Heard Museum (Phoenix, AZ), Preston Singletary, "Echoes, Fire, and Shadows."  $5000
  • Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington), "A Survey of Contemporary Flameworking, 2010."  $2500
  • Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (Louisville), "Mark Peiser: A Life with Glass" and "Glass Jewelry: An International Passion for Design."  $5000
  • Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), Anne Wilson installation.  $1500
  • Lowe Art Museum (Coral Gables, FL), "The Art of Ricky Bernstein."  $4000
  • Museum of Arts and Design (New York, NY), "Klaus Moje."  $5500
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA), Beth Lipman and Ingalena Klenell residency.  $4000
  • Palm Springs Museum of Art (CA), "Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Italian Glass."  $5000
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA), Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Jiri Harcuba  residencies. $2,000
  • Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, FL), "Contemporaneous Glass: A Collaboration in 3 Parts by Ron Desmett, Kathleen Mulcahy, and Martin Preskop."  $2750
  • The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art, and Technology (Newark), residencies of 3 artists.  $1500
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ), "Rising Stars: Contemporary Glass Artists for the 21st Century."  $5000

2008 ($62,250) 

  • Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), "Etsuko Ichikawa: Traces of the Molten State."  $1,750
  • Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk, VA), "Contemporary Glass Among the Classics." $5,000
  • Craft and Folk Art Museum (Los Angeles, CA), "Il Vetro Veneziano: Contemporary Venetian Glass."  $1,000
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (TX), two concurrent exhibitions, one from local private collections and the other of three emerging artists. $2,500
  • Hunterdon Museum of Art (Clinton, NJ), Hank Murta  Adams exhibition.  $2,000
  • Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), "Josh Simpson: A Legendary Journey in Glass." $1,500
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, "Pioneers of Contemporary Glass: Highlights from the Barbara and Dennis DuBois Collection." $5,000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA), "Preston Singletary: Echoes, Fire and Shadows." $5,000
  • New Britain Museum of American Art (CT), "Contemporary Glass: Chihuly and Beyond."  $4,500
  • New Mexico Museum of Art (Santa Fe), "Flux: Reflections on Contemporary Glass."  $4,500
  • Orlando Museum of Art (FL), "Therman Statom: Stories of the New World." $3,500
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA), Susan Taylor Glasgow exhibition.  $2,500
  • Portland Art Museum (OR), Klaus Moje exhibition.  $5,000
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA), Bandu Dunham, Mitchell Gaudet, and Jeffrey Sarmiento exhibition.  $1,000
  • Racine Art Museum (WI), exhibition and workshops by Therman Statom. $2,000
  • Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington, DC), "Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Glass."  $5,000
  • Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts (VA), "All in the Family" (works by 15 artists from 7 families). $3,000
  • Telfair Museum of Art (Savannah, GA), "Myth, Object, and the Animal: William Morris Glass Installations." $3,500.
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ), "Treasures from the Collection: American Museum of Glass."  $4,000

2007 ($51,500) 

  • Carroll County Arts Council (Westminster, MD), "SiO2: The Mystery of Glass."  $500
  • Cincinnati Art Museum (OH), "Celebrating Contemporary Craft."  $5000
  • Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton, MA), "The Machinery of Heaven." (Steven Easton)  $4000
  • Galveston Arts Center (TX), "2nd Texas Juried Glass Exhibition." $2000
  • Katonah Museum of Art (NY), "Shattering Glass." $6000
  • Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (Louisville), "Master Maker: Stephen Rolfe Powell: A Retrospective."  $2500
  • Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences (Peoria, IL), "Native Species." (William Morris)  $2000
  • Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester (NY), "Poetics of Space." (Michael Taylor)  $4000
  • Mint Museum of Craft + Design, (Charlotte, NC), "White Light: Glass Compositions by Daniel Clayman."  $4000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA), "Mining Glass.'' $4000
  • Nova Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), glassblowing demonstrations. $2000
  • Pilchuck Glass School (Stanwood, WA), digitalization of historic reel-to-reel tapes. $4000
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA), visiting artists residencies. $1000
  • Springfield Museum of Fine Arts (MA), "Josh Simpson: A Visionary Journey in Glass 1972-2007."  $2000
  • The Newark Museum (NJ), "Art of Glass from Galle to Chihuly." $7500
  • The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology (Newark, OH), artist residency.  $1000

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2006 ($52,750) 

  • Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art (Sturgeon Bay, WI), "Richard Jolley: Sculptor of Glass from 1985 – Present." $2000
  • Friends of the Conservatory (Columbus, OH), public lecture series in conjunction with Chihuly "Mille Fiori" exhibition. $3000
  • Fullerton Art Museum, CA State University, San Bernardino, group exhibition. $2500
  • Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton, NJ), "Richard Jolley: Sculptor in Glass from 1985 – Present." $2000
  • Huntsville Museum of Art (AL), "Josh Simpson: A Visionary Journey in Glass." $2000
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art (CA), "Glass: Material Matters." $8000
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Art (AL), Sonja Blomdahl exhibition. $2250
  • Museum of Arts & Design (NY), "GlassWear" (contemporary glass jewelry). $2000
  • Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA), "Transparently Built: Glass Installations by Mildred Howard, Jean Shin, Jo Yarrington, and Harumi Yukutake." $2500
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA), residencies of Roger Parramore and Cappy Thompson. $1000
  • Rockford Art Museum (IL), "He and She: Vallien/Hydman-Vallien." $2000
  • San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design (CA), "California College of Art: A Legacy in Studio Glass." $2000
  • Smithsonian Archives of American Art (New York, NY), Nanette Laitman Documentation Project for Craft and Decorative Arts in America. $5000
  • Society for Contemporary Craft (Pittsburgh, PA), Raphael Prize exhibition. $3000
  • The Mint Museums (Charlotte, NC), "Observations--works by Ann Wolff." $3000
  • The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art, and Technology (Newark), residency of glass artist. $1000
  • The University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA), artists residencies. $2000
  • Vero Beach Museum of Art (FL), "Studio Glass: Then and Now." $4000
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ), "Celebrating Connections: Contemporary Glass by Mid-Atlantic Artists." $3500

2005 ($47,750) 

  • Worcester Center for Crafts (MA), "Shining Light on New England:  the New England Glass Perspective." $5000
  • The Works:  Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology (Newark, OH), residency of Bill Gudenrath. $1750
  • Ringling School of Art and Design (FL), glass art from Sarasota collections. $3500
  • Museum of Glass:  International Center for Contemporary Art (Tacoma, WA), "Karen LaMonte:  Absence Adorned." $5500
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (AL), Cappy Thompson exhibition. $3500
  • International Society of Glass Beadmakers (Cleveland, OH), juried exhibition of contemporary glass beads. $3500
  • California Center for the Arts (Escondido), "Through the Looking Glass." $2,500
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (TX), "Reflected Light." $2,500
  • Krannert Art Museum (Champaign, IL), "Eye, Form, Symbol: The Jon and Judith Liebman Collection of Contemporary Sculpture in Glass." $4,000
  • Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art (Evanston, IL), "Sculpting in Glass: Recent Works by Contemporary Artists." $4,000
  • Peninsula Fine Arts Center (Newport News, VA), "Out of the Mold: A Survey of Contemporary Cast Glass." $2,500
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA), "Well Hung: Chandeliers Revealed." $2,250
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA), Residencies of Fritz Dreisbach and Kirstie Rea. $1,500
  • Robert Hull Fleming Museum (Burlington, VT), "Tony Jojola and Preston Singletary: New Traditions in Glass." $2,750
  • Theatre of Yugen (San Francisco, CA), theatre set for "The Old Man and the Sea." $1,000
  • Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH), "Part Object, Part Sculpture." $2,000

2004 ($57,500) 

  • Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, "Dale Chihuly: A Retrospective." $4,500
  • College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI), "American Glass: The Murano Influence." $3,500
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (Millville, NJ), "Particle Theories." $8,000
  • The Mint Museums (Charlotte, NC), "Murano: Glass from the Olnick Spanu Collection." $3,000
  • North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh), "Fusion: Contemporary Glass from North Carolina Collections." $4,250
  • Galveston Arts Center (TX), "Texas Juried Glass." $2,000
  • International Museum of Art & Science (McAllen, TX), "American Studio Glass: A Survey of the Movement." $5,000
  • Sandwich Glass Museum (MA), "Josh Simpson Retrospective." $5,000
  • Museum of Arts & Design (NY), "Paul Stankard: A Floating World." $8,000
  • Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake, Nassau Bay (TX), "Glass: An Artist's Medium. " $3,750
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (TX), "Murano: Glass from the Olnick Spanu Collection. "  $2,500
  • Burlington City Arts (VT), "Material Vision." $5,000
  • Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art (WA), "Murano: Glass from the Olnick Spanu Collection." $3,000

2003 ($43,900) 

  • Asheville Art Museum (NC), "Looking Within, Mark Peiser, the Art of Glass." $5,000
  • Eugene Glass School (OR), flameworking documentary. $1,500
  • Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg (FL), educational program for K-12 teachers and students in conjunction with the exhibition, "Chihuly Across Florida: Masterworks in Glass." $5,000
  • Carnegie Art Museum (CA), "Amend/Stinsmuehlen-Amend: Recent Works in Glass and Paint." $3,500
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (AL), online catalog of the museum's contemporary glass collection. $1,000
  • Oakland Museum of California, "Marvin Lipofsky: A Glass Odyssey." $3,800
  • Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences (IL), Exhibition of works from the George Stroemple collection of Chihuly blown glass and drawings. $1,500
  • National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (IA), "Glass Behind the Iron Curtain: Czech Design, 1948-1978." $2,400
  • Glassworks Foundation (KY), "Celebration of Glass: a civic festival of contemporary glass art." $2,600
  • Glassworks Foundation (KY), "Chihuly Baskets." $1,000
  • Louisville Visual Art Association (KY), "A New Millenium: A New Light: An International Survey of Architectural Glass Art." $2,800
  • The Speed Art Museum (KY), "The Light Within: Glass Sculpture from Louisville Collections," an exhibition of contemporary glass. $2,700
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design (formerly American Craft Museum)(NY), "Libensky and His Students." $3,800
  • Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art (WA), "Glass of the Avant-Garde." $2,300
  • Pilchuck Glass School (WA), Glass art exhibition and catalogue, presented during the 2003 Glass Art Society meeting. $1,500
  • William S. Fairfield Public Gallery Foundation, Ltd. (WI), "American Studio Glass: A Survey of the Movement. $3,500

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2002 ($35,295) 

  • Columbia Museum of Art (SC), "Defining Craft: Collection for the new millennium." Exhibition support, $3,500
  • Evergreen State College (WA), digital video project of work by Cappy Thompson. $1,200
  • Glass Art Society, Support of student exhibition and publication about it in the GAS Journal. $1,800
  • Gulf Coast Museum of Art (FL), exhibit of large scale work by Florida artists Susan Gott, Paul Larned, and Duncan McClellan. $1,930
  • Hockaday Museum of Art (MT), "Etched, Fused and Blown: Five Montana Contemporary Glass Artists." $1,310
  • Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation, "The Glass Vessel: An International Invitational Exhibit." $2,225
  • Kentucky Folk Art Center, traveling exhibition of works in neon. $2,130
  • Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), "Richard Jolley: Sculptor of Glass." Exhibition support. $3,200
  • Museum of Craft and Folk Art, (San Francisco, CA), "Fusing Traditions: Transformations in Glass by Native American Artists." Catalog support. $4,000
  • Norton Gallery of Art (West Palm Beach, FL), "Fire and Form: The Art of Contemporary Glass." Catalog support. $4,000
  • Museum of Glass/International Center for Contemporary Art (Tacoma, WA), "The Inner Light: Sculpture by Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova" (opening exhibition). Exhibition support. $3,000
  • Tweed Museum of Art (Duluth, MN), "Wiiken Collection of Glass." Catalog support. $4,000
  • Urban Glass (NY), 25th Anniversary exhibition, Urban Glass Award Winners at the Corning Gallery at Steuben. $3,000

2001 ($17,400) 

  • Orange County Museum of Art (CA), Howard Ben Tré, "Interior/Exterior." $3,500
  • Rahr West Art Museum (WI), "Dancing with Light." $1,500
  • Yeshiva University Museum, Sydney Cash, "Introspective Retrospective." $700
  • Milwaukee Art Museum, Panel Discussion in conjunction with "Chihuly over Venice." $2,400
  • Queens Museum of Art (NY), "Heart of Glass," eight international contemporary artists. $2,700
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, "Visionary Women." $3,100
  • Columbus Museum of Art (OH), "The Glass Sculpture of Christopher Ries." $3,500

2000 ($18,500) 

  • Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation, exhibition catalog. $3,500
  • Centre College Glass Program, HDTV program on Lino Tagliapietra. $3,500
  • American Craft Museum, "American Glass Artists in Venice." $3,500
  • William S. Fairfield Public Gallery Foundation, travelling exhibition. $3,500
  • Lowe Art Museum, exhibition catalog. $4,500

1999 ($20,800) 

  • Glass Art Society, Student Workshop at Expo II. $2,500
  • Liberty Museum and Education Center, Program, Training, Book. $4,000
  • Tampa Museum of Art, Catalog, Clearly Inspired. $4,000
  • Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, American Glass: Masters of the Art. $4,400
  • Boise Art Museum, Judy Hill Exhibition. $3,000
  • Illinois State University, Visiting Artist Program. $2,900

1998 ($9,300) 

  • Fort Lauderdale Museum, Catalog, Contemporary Glass,.$4,000
  • Renwick Gallery, Catalog, Glass! Glorious Glass. $4,000
  • West Virginia Public Television, Video, Blenko Glass. $1,300

1997 ($12,000) 

  • American Craft Museum, Catalog, 4 Acts in Glass. $2,000
  • Bellevue Art Museum, Catalog, Heir Apparent. $2,000
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Exhibit, Wisconsin Glass. $500
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Catalog, Glass Today. $4,000
  • Illinois State Museum, Catalog, Fire and Ice. $1,500
  • Lakeview Museum, Exhibition, Blowing Hot/Cutting Cold. $2,000

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1996 ($17,750) 

  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Catalog, Christopher Ries. $1,000
  • Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Catalogue, Klaus Moje. $1,500
  • Cleveland Museum of Art, Catalog, Glass Today. $5,000
  • Glass Art Society, Honoree, Annual Dinner. $1,500
  • Huntington Museum of Art, Catalog, Belkin Collection. $1,750
  • Milwaukee Art Museum, Catalog, Recent Glass. $4,000
  • Mint Museum of Art, Catalog, S. Rogers Exhibition. $500
  • Tucson Museum, Exhibition, Calido! $2,000
  • University of Illinois, I-Space Exhibition. $500

1995 ($8,000) 

  • Krannert Art Museum (University of Illinois), Exhibition, William Carlson. $1,000
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, Catalog, Modern Glass. $5,000
  • Seattle Art Museum, Catalog, Holding Past. $1,000
  • Toledo Museum of Art, Thurmon Statom Residency. $1,000

1994 ($2,200) 

  • Ohio State University Museum, Student Exhibition. $500
  • Santa Barbara Museum, Chihuly Exhibition. $1,000
  • Urban Glass. $500
  • National Glass Team ("the B Team"). $200

1993 ($28,500) 

  • Corning Museum, Sculpture Gift (Tom Patti) with CCCA. $27,500
  • Milwaukee Art Museum, Catalog, Tiffany/Ben Tre. $1,000

1992 ($3,340) 

  • Pilchuck Glass School, Sosin Memorial Fund (Scholarships). $1,000
  • Toledo Museum of Art, Saxe Collection Exhibition. $1,000
  • Urban Glass, Article in Glass Magazine. $840
  • Whatcom Museum, Exhibition, Pilchuck Glass. $500

1991 ($4,596) 

  • Creative Glass Center of America, Expenses. $623
  • Glass Art Society, Postage. $350
  • Illinois State University, Scholarships. $1,000
  • Philadelphia College of Arts, Scholarships. $1,000
  • University of Illinois, Scholarships. $1,000
  • Urban Glass, Glass Magazine to museums. $1,125

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