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President’s Message

President’s Message

October 2016

Barring a set of unfathomable circumstances, this is my final president’s message to the AACG membership. Let me just say that it has been a very interesting and rewarding five years.  For those of you who think that being the president of AACG and doing it well is an easy task, I invite you to let our next president, Larry Eisenberg, know that you would like his job after his two year term is up. You could also contact Dennis DuBois, an AACG vice president and nominating committee chair.  When I first addressed the AACG Board as president in 2011, I made it clear that I would do the job to the best of my ability. My goal was not to see how many friends I could make and how popular I could be.  In my humble opinion, while a few board and advisory council members might have gotten ticked off with me over the past five years, I have gained many more friends over that period than I have lost.


I also feel that the past five years have put AACG is in an excellent place.  Our membership is up. Our Visionary Membership is at an all-time high, with scholarships that go along with that.  Our newsletter and membership applications look better than ever.  All our organizational documents are totally up to date.  We have an award winning website,

AACG has had some great annual trips and Board meeting trips. Most recently, this year’s trip to Providence, RI and Massachusetts was outstanding. I don’t think anything else could have been packed into it. As I promised in the summer issue of the AACG newsletter, none of the participants left Providence hungry. We’ve given our millionth dollar grant this past year.  We’ve also established the AACG Fellows Circle to honor those who have served AACG with distinction for many years. Also, I don’t want to forget 2012 when AACG celebrated the 50th anniversary of studio art glass in the United States with our biggest events ever including over 170 glass exhibitions at museums and art centers throughout the country, two exceptional panel discussions at SOFA Chicago and the unforgettable celebration on the Odyssey, the largest cruise ship on in Lake Michigan. One thing I can say with complete certainty. I promised great weather for every event I planned over the past five years and I came through.

In addition, I want to thank those of you who have been so helpful to me over the past five years. It is quite a long list so I won’t name everyone here. For the most part, you know who you are, since I’ve been thanking you along the way. However, I do want to give a special thanks to my wife, Olivia, for being so supportive and putting up with me these past five years. Actually, she’s been putting up with me for 43 years.

There have been a significant number of other positive events that transpired in AACG over the past five years, but I don’t want to totally bore you with the minutia of running a wonderful organization like AACG. I’ll save that for our board and advisory council members at the annual meeting during SOFA Chicago in November.  Rest assured, you can be very proud to be a member of AACG. I know I am.

Speaking of SOFA, this year’s edition, which runs from November 3rd to the 6th , promises to be excellent. AACG has all kinds of great events planned during the weekend including the Ice Cream Social, awards presentation and auction. There will be presentation by this year’s AACG Annual Award winner. There will also be a lunch for all the AACG Visionary Members. So, pay attention to your emails and be sure to register for all the events on our home page of this website.

I wish our next AACG president the best of luck as well as great weather.  I’m confident Larry will do a great job.

Please feel free to contact me at or call my office at 631-979-6000.

So, I leave you with the words of the famous Warner Brothers star, Porky Pig, “that’s all folks!!"


Harlan J. Fischer