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President’s Message

President’s Message

July 2016

For our members who pay attention to such things, this is my penultimate President’s Message. I won’t dwell on the past five years just yet. I’ll do that in the fall newsletter issue, so be prepared. 

In the meantime, our members should know that the AACG Board and Advisory Council held its mid-year meeting in Corning, NY, from May 12th through May 14th. Since AACG is functioning at such a high level, the only issue that will need to be addressed is getting new AACG members to serve on the AACG Board. I’m sure that there are many of you who have good ideas, enjoy giving back and have some time to spend helping our organization continue its history of doing really great things. 

Up to this point, our annual meeting has been held in Chicago during the SOFA weekend. This will most likely continue. Our mid-year meeting is always held somewhere else. Every effort is made to make these meeting events pleasurable. So, unless you’re a hands-on obsessive type like me, serving on the AACG Board shouldn’t wear you out much. If you have any interest in serving, please contact Dennis DuBois, chairman of the nominating committee, at

The AACG annual trip to Providence, RI, from August 17th through the 20th, has been fully subscribed.  However, since we normally get a cancellation or two, there is a waiting list. In addition to seeing all the artists and collectors homes, we have several meals planned in some of the best restaurants in Providence. One dinner will be at Local 121 and another at Pot Au Feu, a French restaurant, located in the old Customs House. I promise that none of this year’s trip participants will leave Providence hungry.

SOFA Chicago this year runs from November 3rd through the 6th. It is shaping up to be one of the best ones ever. AACG will be holding its ice cream social, awards presentations, and auction on Saturday, November 5th, starting at 2:00 p.m.  Although last year’s event was held in a new location and not on the mezzanine, it turned out to be fantastic. The desserts, with the help of Glorya Spero and Lita Weinstein, were extremely delicious. 

This year’s AACG auction at SOFA will feature a beautiful glass art sculpture donated specifically to AACG by Davide Salvadore. We thank Sandy Sardella for arranging the donation, and Davide for creating this wonderful piece of art. A picture will be on the AACG award-winning website, You can also see a photo of the piece on page one of this newsletter.  All AACG members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If, for some reason, you are not yet a member of AACG, I encourage you to join.  I always look forward and appreciate hearing from any of our members and non-members who have comments or questions about anything related to AACG.  Please contact me at or call my office at 631-979-6000..


Harlan J. Fischer