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President’s Message

President’s Message

October 2017

As I write this fourth President’s Message, marking the culmination of my first full year as your president, it is time to reflect on how far we have advanced as an organization since 2016.  Building on the tremendous foundation established by five years of leadership by Harlan Fischer, 2017 has seen AACG take on new committees, new programs, host the largest annual member trip in its history, and enhance our internal operations, external communications, and outreach.

First, 103 AACG members (many new to AACG) experienced an incredible five days in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, participating in our annual member trip. The opening night celebration was held at the Seattle Aquarium next to the 20 foot x 40 foot, 120,000 gallon tank – Windows on Washington Waters – holding over 800 species of fish. Our first full day was filled with Chihuly Studio-related activities, a visit to artists in the Bemis Building in downtown Seattle, and an incredible evening at the Chihuly Garden and Glass celebrating Pacific Northwest artists and traditions. Friday started with a day at Pilchuck’s campus, followed by a visit to Lino Tagliapietra’s new Seattle studio, and concluded with a lovely evening at Traver Gallery. Saturday, the group shifted to Tacoma for a full day at the Museum of Glass, viewing the Chihuly Bridge, Martin Blank’s incredible exterior installation, and the opening of Albert Paley’s exhibit. After a break to see a magnificent home, the day culminated with the Museum of Glass annual Gala. Our final day was action packed, focusing around the Anne Hauberg exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum, coupled with two collector home tours. That evening we celebrated AACG’s 30th anniversary with a magical show and dinner in the main lobby of the Tacoma Art Museum. We extend our special thanks to the artists, galleries, museums, collectors, and other vendors who made this trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Also, let me thank Amy Stonecipher for her volunteer leadership as chairperson for this trip.

Next, please assist me in thanking all of our committee chairs and board/advisory council members who have served to promote membership development, provide the grants, select the awardees, elevate our membership through the Visionary program, support our leadership through the nominating process, and to those who are building new bridges and relationships through our new gallery committee.  

We also have made great strides in planning for our 30th anniversary year that we will formally inaugurate at SOFA in Chicago, November 2-5. During SOFA, we will hold our semi-annual board meeting, along with our annual meeting/awards ceremony/ice cream social on Saturday afternoon. This year, we will honor three individuals for their service and dedication to the studio glass movement, and the Museum of American Glass as our annual award recipient.  

The past 11 months have been a true educational experience for Marlene and me.  We had the chance to rub shoulders with many gallery owners, museum professionals, and artists as we traveled globally.  I have communicated with hundreds of our members in some fashion, and have been fortunate to receive suggestions and ideas on a daily basis.  The excitement and enthusiasm withinAACG has grown exponentially, and I want to thank you for your support and encouragement!  See you at SOFA.



Larry Eisenberg