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Glass Art Society Chooses Murano, Italy to Host 2018 Conference

The Glass Art Society (GAS) has selected Murano, Italy as the host city of the 47th annual conference. From May 16 – 20, 2018, attendees will partake in highly anticipated GAS conference programs including glass demonstrations and lectures on inspiring glass topics, and they will also enjoy special programming unique to Murano while surrounded by the beauty of the region of Venice.

The current Italian Steering Committee is comprised of artists and community art supporters Cesare Toffolo, Lucio Bubacco, Davide Salvadore, Marina Tagliapietra, Roberto Donà, Adriano Berengo, the Consorzio Promovetro Murano, and is led by glass maestro Lino Tagliapietra. "I am excited to have GAS in my native city of Murano, as it is a symbol of union between the two places that have allowed me to become the glassblower I am today," said Tagliapietra. "This conference will be a wonderful and historical event."

GAS selected Murano, in part, for the prominent place the region has had in the history of glass art worldwide. There is also a strong connection between artists in Murano and the glass community in the United States. Additionally, Murano has been the highest response from GAS members when asked where they would most like a future GAS conference to be held. "Every year we survey our members on their interests and they have been consistent in expressing their desire to travel to Murano and Venice for a future conference as their top destination outside of the United States," said Pamela Koss, executive director of the Glass Art Society. "We are elated to invite our members from around the world to meet in Murano and enjoy a truly special conference in an iconic and significant place for glass art." The 2018 GAS conference is sponsored in part by the Berengo Foundation and the artists of the Italian Steering Committee.

Murano/Venice will be the first time the Glass Art Society has taken its annual conference outside of the United States since 2005 when the conference travelled to Adelaide, Australia. The 2017 Conference is being held in Norfolk, Virginia, from June 1-3. 

| Posted 16 Nov 22

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