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Cedric Major Mitchell

Los Angeles-based glass artist Cedric Major Mitchell discusses how he went from hip-hop music to glassblowing and how his career as an artist has taken some unusual twists and turns.

Latchezar Boyadjiev

Latchezar Boyadjiev discusses his studio practice and talks about his sensual, dynamic sculpture, gives a tour of his studio, and shows new works from his upcoming exhibition.

Kari Russell-Pool

Artist Kari Russell-Pool discusses her 30-plus years of exploration in glass, showing a retrospective of her work that is filled with personal content and commentary about society, the hard work of relationships, and her experience as a mother.

Silvia Levenson

Silvia Levenson, a contemporary artist and political activist working in glass, talks about her personal and political revelations in making art using glass.

Habatat Glass 51 Preview

See highlights from the Habatat Detroit Fine Art Glass51 international invitational exhibition.

Anthony Amoako Attah- Kente Cloth Patterns in Glass

Ghanian artist Anthony Amoako-Attah kilnforms glass plate and powders to make pieces that use the colors and patterns of Kente designs and Adinkra symbols. Learn about his practice as he explains concepts and techniques and speaks about the meaning of his Kente cloth patterned glassworks.

Gordon Huether, Mixed-Media Public Art

Gordon Huether discusses his work, his journey to glass, and shows some of his public art projects and his process. Napa, California-based Huether has been creating large-scale public art projects, residential art, private art commissions, and fine art for almost 30 years. Projects have included art installations for private corporations, airports, transportation centers, parking garages, hotels, universities, hospitals, recreation centers, civic buildings, libraries, and museums.

Caterina Urrata Weintraub, flameworking playful glass art

Caterina "Trina" Urrata Weintraub talks about her career and the current focus of her work. Trina works in various disciplines within glass, balancing creating her artwork with her position as an adjunct professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Trina creates playful objects and curious scenes inspired by childhood memories and dreams. Her use of glass to recreate iconic toys or re-imagine personal memories evokes a sense of sentiment, wonder, and discomfort. From intricate torch work to large-scale kiln castings and hot blown pieces, she chooses the process best suited to realize her vision.

Karen LaMonte, Cast Glass, Bronze, and Ceramic

Karen LaMonte gives an artist talk about her pioneering new works discussing concepts, challenges, experimentation, invention, of course failure, and occasionally success! She creates cast works, in glass, bronze, and ceramic, including large scale, outdoor sculptures suitable for public art settings.

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