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Added May 2011

The collectors built this house in 1995, some years after they had begun their glass collection, but before it had become as extensive as it is now. A few years later, their home and collection served as the guinea pig Collection #1, when began the Collections pages. Over the years, as the internet and Kindles reduced the need for books, many of the built-in bookshelves morphed into glass displays. A recent remodel completed (hopefully!!) the process, adding new lighting, replacing a seating area in the pool room with the gallery, and developing the sliding doors and hidden displays on the west wall.

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The house consists of a very large great room (including kitchen, dining room, and breakfast area) with a 21’ high cathedral ceiling on massive exposed trusses, and a peak skylight that extends the 40’ length of the room; a gallery/pool room; a large master suite; a guest bedroom and bath; and an office.

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