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Added October 2010

The collectors built their home in 1996 and started collecting art glass in 2000. They had collected contemporary art (and still do); however, they became serious collectors of art glass, and their collection grew quickly. Custom display cabinets, stands, and freestanding shelves were designed to display their pieces. Additional lighting was added. The fact that they have met all of the living artists of their art glass makes their collection so interesting to them. They have traveled the world (all seven continents) and will tell you that one of their favorite trips was to the Czech Republic a few years ago; where they went to the galleries of two glass artists, and saw them at work in their respective studios. (Updated 8-4-22)

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The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to further the development and appreciation of art made from glass.

The Alliance informs collectors, critics and curators by encouraging and supporting museum exhibitions, university glass departments and specialized teaching programs, regional collector groups, visits to private collections, and public seminars.