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Maestro Alfredo Barbini: Nature, Myth, and Magic

Date: Jul 2, 2022, (all day)
Duration - 282 days
Location - Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA

This exhibition includes more than 70 pieces by Alfredo Barbini (Italian, 1912–2007), drawn from the collection of David Huchthausen, that are part of a promised gift to Museum of Glass. AACG Grantee

Barbini was a skilled technician with a playful repertoire. He was imaginative and elegant with a humorous aesthetic while showcasing a mid-century modern minimalism. Barbini’s work is informed by his love of nature, especially aquatic creatures, birds, and animals. He revels in their charm, beauty, and incomparable design. His observations of the human form, classical literature and its examination of our foibles and tragedies are a source of inspiration. The exhibition seeks to reintroduce a maestro who has had little press over the last few decades. This is the first exhibition in which a collection of pieces have been assembled with the purpose of reexamining his legacy.

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