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Florida: in Transformation

Date: Apr 30, 2022, (all day)
Duration - 184 days
Location - Imagine Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida

This exhibit showcases 53 exceptional pieces representing 37 of the very best contemporary artists who work with glass in Florida.

Florida has been transforming since its earliest recorded occupation in 12,000 BC. It transformed as the continents transformed and there has been no turning back. We have everglades, we have NASA, we have Disneyworld, we have exotic birds everywhere, alligators, dolphins and manatees abound in our waterways, we have national sports teams, and hurricanes, we occupy the Atlantic coast and the Gulf Coast and most importantly, we have an average of 280 days of sunshine and mild temperatures which brings people to our state from all over the world. Diversity, eccentricity and retirees seem to dominate a national perception of our state.  

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