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What Are You Looking At? An Eccentric Chorus of Artists Working in Glass

Date: Sep 26, 2021, (all day)
Duration - 386 days
Location - Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA
Highlights unique experiments and prototypes pursued during artist residencies in the context of each artist’s larger artistic practice. The diversity of creative voices and the collective wonder that they generate exemplifies the objectives of the residency programs at both Pilchuck Glass School and Museum of Glass.

For the past 18 years, a unique residency partnership between Pilchuck Glass School and Museum of Glass has presented a diverse group of artists, designers, and crafts people with the opportunity to experiment in glass. By creating material access and putting the unique expertise and craftsmanship of glass specialists in the hands of artists of all backgrounds doors are opened to new avenues of investigation. From conceptual installation and object makers, to the designers of functional furnishing and fantastical fashion accessories, the artists come to their materials with a wide range of intention.

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