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Artist of the Month
August 2012

Artist of the Month

Stephanie Trenchard

Stephanie Trenchard is a teller of stories. By embedding figures or objects made of glass in cubes and rectangles of sand cast clear glass, she is able to capture the essence of a life experience, emotion or relationship.  Stephanie is represented by Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Stephanie Trenchard

Artist of the Month

Artist Statement:

In my cast sculptures I enlist collective imagery, rendered in a direct simple style encased within solid glass, to tell stories. These stories are drawn from memories or impressions, sometimes my own, other times other artists’ biographical information.

For me, the process of working in glass in itself requires the spirit of collaboration with others and a dialog with the material itself, which, by its fluid nature, can become a catalyst for expression. As I work as an artist in glass I am able to expand my creative expression within the body of work through investigation and invention.

I sculpt and paint objects in glass that tell illusory narratives. The sculpted pieces are encased in sand cast glass forms. The cast pieces are assembled in different sections, often stacked or nestled together and, on occasion, can be reconfigured. A successful work is technically sound as well as lyrical in the combining of images. Also the combination of images must express ideas of the story of the piece. The best pieces have multiple ways of reading the story.

I create my own visual vocabulary in storytelling. Using these totems I tell stories about the artistic experience and the ensuing personal relationships  usually based on true stories of artists from history. The subject of these narratives is usually revealed in the title of the piece, but it is not necessary that the viewer be familiar with the subject in order to understand the concept because the metaphors are universal to the human condition.

About Stephanie Trenchard

StephanieTrenchard has developed a very unique method of creating art using glass combined with her training as a painter. She first creates fully realized figures or objects in clear glass. Secondly, these are painted with a type of paint especially developed to withstand the high temperatures of firing glass. These can be mixed and blended just as with oil or acrylic paints. Next these 3-dimensional objects or figures are submerged into molten glass encased in cubes and rectangles of clear sand cast glass. Each cube or rectangle is created so that they can be fitted tightly next to one another or on top, making a totem like structure. Much sanding and grinding takes place to get the perfect fit.

Trenchard is able to handle the seductive qualities of glass to her advantage. She creates beautiful pieces of art without sacrificing the concepts behind each piece. One goes away from the piece with a desire to return for a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Born in Champaign, Illinois in 1962, Trenchard earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from Illinois State University.  Her work is in corporate and museum collections. She shares a hot glass studio with her husband where she has worked for the past 12 years.

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Acknowledgment of Gallery:
We are grateful to Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, for providing the materials for the Artist of the Month.

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