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Artist of the Month
April 2018

Artist of the Month

Peter Wright

Peter Wright finds inspiration in Native American and Pre-Columbian cultures. Many of his glass-sculpted figures take root through his fascination of masks, totems and fetishes. Peter’s creative process begins by looking at artifacts in museums, reading historical accounts, folklore, and stories of indigenous peoples. The shapes created in his studio reflect his deep interest in ancient and primitive cultures. Wright is represented by Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM. 

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Peter Wright

Artist of the Month

Artist Statement:

"I have been completely drawn in and seduced by hot glass. I am fascinated by the endless possibilities this material has to offer. I love working with color and surface, gesture and form. Some of my major influences include William Morris, for his incredible surface treatments; Dale Chihuly, for his use of color; and traditional Japanese potters for their simple, almost primitive, but very elegant forms. I've been fascinated by all types of indigenous arts for years, especially Native American, African, and Pre-Columbian art. All of these influences combine to help shape the statements that I wish to express. The trick now is to get the vision from my head, through my hands, and into glass. A few degrees here or there, a millimeter's difference in thickness and the results can vary widely from piece to piece. That's the challenge of glass and I'm loving every minute of it."        

About Peter Wright

As a young man in Chicago, where he was born in 1951, Peter Wright spent time exploring the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History. He started collecting masks at age 15 beginning with African masks. His passion quickly extended to Indonesian, Native American, and Nepalese masks. As a budding artist, Peter’s interest in global cultures expanded. He furthered his knowledge of indigenous people through reading stories and mythologies that sparked his imagination. He further engaged his curiosity of materials and learning more about ancient technologies. Now, 50 years later, Peter not only is an avid collector of objects, he passionately continues his research and observations. Peter investigates hand-made tools, icons, idols, ceremonial vessels, and regalia of early cultures of the world. These images inspire him.  It’s a lifetime of looking to develop the imagery he uses today.

Peter Wright’s sculptures come to life in the hot shop. The artist blows forms, exploring shapes and applying multiple layers of color. He hot sculpts all of his blown forms in a well-choreographed dance with his team. The shapes manifest as masks, ladders, spirit jars, ulus, totems, fetishes, botanicals, and vessel forms. After his forms come into being, the artist will etch or incise the surface to reveal inner layers. One might find his blown figures cradled in a graceful metal stand offering the viewer an exquisite presentation.

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Acknowledgment of Gallery:
We are grateful to Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, for providing the Artist of the Month.

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