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Artist of the Month
November 2021

Artist of the Month

Mark Eliott

Australian artist Mark Eliott, worked as a novelty and scientific glassblower before making sculptural glass art. Having studied the Saxophone at the Sydney Conservatorium, Mark incorporates his musical knowledge into many of his works. His whimsical sculptures reveal a strong ecological message behind the work. Mark is represented by Glass Artists' Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

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Mark Eliott

Artist of the Month

About Mark Eliott

Growing up in an alternative and theatrical family, Mark Eliott has many stories and events to inspire him. What sets Mark apart from many other makers is the breadth of ways he works the hot glass flame to channel his ideas. He uses the flame like a scribe as he creates 3D illustrations and installations incorporating various media and collaborations.  

Initially, Mark worked as a novelty and scientific glassblower to supplement his music studies at the Conservatorium of Music, becoming an accomplished saxophonist. He still performs and actively develops this practice today; however glass has become his primary form of expression. He incorporates his musical knowledge in many of his works. 

A characteristic of Mark's work is that at first glance the viewer is drawn like a magnet to his objects because of their lively, colorful, and whimsical appearance. However, as he speaks in layers, what is revealed is the strong ecological message behind the work. This is best explained by describing some of the works which underpins the wide range of highly skilled applications to support his ideas when using the flame with glass. 

Dr Mermaid and the Above Marine 

This short film uses stop-motion photography to capture the fluid movement of the flameworked glass figures and surrounding environment combined with glass puppetry to create a story. The film was an award winner at the Sydney Underground Film Festival 2010. Flame-ation (flame glass animation) is the term he uses for the process. The narrative in this story is set at Bondi Beach in Sydney and is an underwater fantasy faced with environmental dangers. 

Playable Objects Exhibition 

A group of acclaimed musicians were invited to play his objects with Mark on the Squawkophone, resulting in a vigorous, musical ensemble that stimulated the senses. 


This brightly coloured instrument of actual size (Mark's instrument of choice being the saxophone) is influenced by his favorite daily bird sounds, music synaesthesia in which sound appears in colors, patterns, and shapes, as well as referencing functional glass and pipe-making. 

Flute Trees Alto 

Candelabra-like forms that, when played, produce the crisp, clear notes reminiscent of sounds of panpipes from the Andes. 

Flute beads 

Necklace can be played when worn. 

Collaboration with Corning Museum of Glass 

This piece was made in response to a curated exhibition between Canberra's Craft ACT and the Corning Museum of Glass in 2017. Each artist was given a work in the museum to respond to, his being The Trick Glass – circa 1600. As part of his ongoing research for Dr. McFoggarty and the Cloud Essence series, this coincidentally fitted into the narrative and he was able to re-contextualise it for the object.  Apparatus for the Extraction of Cloud Essence was consequently purchased by the Corning Museum (for its collection). 

Down at the Water Table (Arboreal Series) 

Winner of the Tom Malone Price 2018. Mark says “After reading Peter Wohlleben’s: The Hidden Life of Trees, I was no longer able to see trees merely as chunks of wood with bark and leaves on. Instead, I think of them as entities with some kind of intelligence and character. Trees communicate with other trees via mycorrhizal fungal networks that connect their roots. Perhaps they see the world differently to us. In this work I have placed the tree's conversation centre-stage, like a couple of drinkers in an Aussie pub after a good rain; whilst the story of a human walking her dog appears upside down and in the background.” 

Cloud Essence Series 

Mark is currently expanding the stories associated with his Cloud Essence theories channeling his fictitious character which is a re-invention from his family history where he adopts his alias Dr Mark Eliott McFoggarty. These glass works are supported by an upcoming novel and his usual multi-layered visual performances which highlights his inexhaustible imagination. 

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Acknowledgment of Gallery:
We are grateful to Glass Artists' Gallery, Sydney, Australia, for providing the Artist of the Month.

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