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Artist of the Month
April 2015

Artist of the Month

Keith Clayton

Keith Clayton’s work incorporates a unique aesthetic he developed while in graduate school
at the University of Illinois. His use of pâte de verre cast glass and electroplated copper seems
to defy gravity. Combining these elements has enabled him to create breathtaking pedestal and
wall pieces of varied scale for over 25 years. Keith is represented by K.Allen Gallery, Sister Bay, Wisconsin.

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Keith Clayton

Artist of the Month

About Keith Clayton

Keith Clayton was born in 1964 outside Philadelphia and raised in Bucks County. He was introduced to glass at Bucks County Community College in 1989 where he met his now wife, Deanna. Keith and Deanna pursued an education in glass that took them to Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Kent State University in Ohio and the University of Illinois.

During Keith’s tenure as a graduate student under the tutelage of the famed William Carlson, he began the pâte de verre vessel series that has become a trademark in both his and Deanna’s work today. It combines the beauty of the pâte de verre glass with electroplated copper. After Keith had finished his studies, he went on to use this technique to make work to sell in a number of galleries. The work was quite successful and soon he asked Deanna to join him. For years they collaborated on these vessels until Keith moved on to a more sculptural realm with the work and Deanna branched off on her own versions of the technique. 

The two continue to show together and have had three children along the way; two daughters and a son. They now reside in beautiful Door County which is a peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan and creates Green Bay in Wisconsin. They operate a large studio and continue to make all of their work by themselves. They show nationally with many major galleries and participate in various international shows throughout the year. They also maintain two seasonal galleries on their property: The K. Allen Gallery and D.C. Studio Gallery. During the winter they operate and teach at their school for glass, The Harvest School for Glass.

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Acknowledgment of Gallery:
We are grateful to K.Allen Gallery, Sister Bay, Wisconsin, for providing the Artist of the Month

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