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Artist of the Month
August 2022

Artist of the Month

John Littleton and Kate Vogel

John Littleton and Kate Vogel’s use of multiple techniques reveal an intimate understanding of the medium, and the execution of each work shows artists deserving of their place at the top of the contemporary glass movement. Their work is not only visually stunning but allows the viewer to create a narrative, each piece a captured moment in a story of the viewers’ choosing. Littleton and Vogel are represented by Momentum Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina.

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John Littleton and Kate Vogel

Artist of the Month

Artist Statement:

As we focus on each form, we see possibilities for the next, and our vocabulary of form and ideas expands. We bounce ideas back and forth, we build on each other’s concepts, and we learn from each other’s insights. Collaboration brings our individual sensibilities together to generate something neither of us would have made alone. 

– John Littleton and Kate Vogel

About John Littleton and Kate Vogel

John Littleton & Kate Vogel’s sculptures integrate blown and cast glass elements with fabricated steel and LEDs. The couple has worked collaboratively for over 30 years in Western North Carolina. Their latest collection at Momentum Gallery features incredible works from several recent series, including their remarkably detailed, cast glass hands holding a variety of objects, graceful floral ikebana sculptures, and mesmerizing kinetic gimbal rings housing spinning polished glass “gems.” Littleton and Vogel consistently explore new ideas that push technical boundaries and open our eyes to a world of beauty and wonder. 

The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, WI, featured the couple’s work in a retrospective exhibition, Between Us, earlier this year. In the exhibition catalogue, Susie J. Silbert, The Corning Museum’s Curator of Postwar and Contemporary Glass, writes, “Though the pieces look different, they are made through the same rigorous, fearless process of experimentation that has been the hallmark of the artists’ collaboration from the get-go. Their willingness to adapt, to continue to learn, to push through difficulties on the way to their goals…is what has made John and Kate the accomplished artists they are today.”

Acknowledgment of Gallery:
We are grateful to Momentum Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina, for providing the Artist of the Month.

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