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Artist of the Month
April 2013

Artist of the Month

Alessandro Casson

Alessandro Casson was born in Venice in 1969, where he lives and works. A Renaissance man, he studied art, design and history while earning a master’s degree in political science and economics. In 1999, he opened his studio and gallery.  Casson’s designs combine centuries-old techniques with the infusion of his personal modern and contemporary aesthetic. Casson is represented by Onessmio Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

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Alessandro Casson

Artist of the Month

Artist Statement:

My interest lies in creation and design that goes beyond functional glass - to express elegance and harmony in natural forms and tactile surfaces. 

The careful study of colors is used to define the tissue and the fabric of the background, design used to expose the soul of slender and organic shapes. The textural and tactile qualities of the cold work heighten the sculptural effect of each piece.

I imagine the viewer free to interpret and derive the inspiration that he feels, focusing on the different and, maybe contradictory, features of these works. Fluidity, sparkle and transparency of glass give endless possibilities of development. These glassworks have three facets: color, light and form.

About Alessandro Casson

Alessandro Casson’s designs are unique because of his combination of the techniques established over the centuries with the infusion of his personal modern and contemporary aesthetic. In his projects he brings together various people, each with their own technical contribution, skill and years of experience to be able to create a wide range of styles, with the highest degree of workmanship. Unlike the traditional system in Murano where secrecy of methods were highly guarded, Alessandro believes that the sharing of knowledge and techniques will only further help in the continued recognition and advancement of glass as an art medium.

In order to create his masterpieces, Alessandro first studies and draws the pieces, giving careful consideration to the aesthetics, and the shapes and proportions he envisions. To verify the final visual effect of a new piece without blowing several prototypes, a virtual object is created using computers with different 3d graphics and rendering software. Then the production plan is sketched full scale for the glass team to reproduce in perfect detail, in accordance with the 20th century European tradition of glassmaking where so often the designer’s originality and creativity is combined with the experience and the skills of top Murano glassblowers. The plan is precise and complete; no detail and feature is left to chance, accompanied by specific annotations to give the master glassblower all the information which is indispensable for the perfect production of these complex works.

-Fusing and blowing
Transferring his ideas on paper is only the first step; the pieces are created using a very complex and difficult technique called “Tociar piera” (translated means Roll Up). Alessandro attends to the design of the glass canes, the colors, combinations and the patterns. The patterns and colors are achieved by fusing glass threads, murrine and various powders on a refractory stone in an electrically-heated kiln. The glass becomes progressively softer, less rigid and sticky with temperature. The adjacent glass pieces join together creating the base for the final colors combination. Here the collaboration begins with the master glassblower. The patterned glass, now  flexible and sticky, is then rolled up on a gather of glass and blown out to the desired form under the watchful eye of Alessandro.

-Cold work
Once completed, the sculpture is finished and textured with cold work, engraving and carving. The form is worked with polishing and grinding wheels to reveal the layers of complex patterns and achieve a soft matte surface, according with the artist’s vision. He focuses on a study of the alternation of opacity and transparency to create depth and texture.

An intimate knowledge of the material and of the techniques are vital for there to be a successful collaboration between the artist and various masters during this creative process.

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Acknowledgment of Gallery:
We are grateful to Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, for providing the materials for the Artist of the Month.

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