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Kirstie Rea: The Breadth of Stillness

Date: Mar 12, 2022, (all day)
Duration - 107 days
Location - Toyama Glass Art Museum, Toyama, Japan

This exhibition, Kirstie Rea’s largest ever and first solo show in Japan, is a retrospective of her nearly 40 years working as a glass artist.

Australian artist Kirstie Rea walks in the hills and natural parks around her hometown, Canberra, to explore a sense of "connecting with place" that can often be tenuous in contemporary culture. She expresses her experience and awareness in glass sculptures and installations. The Folded series that depicts feelings of nature in softly curved glass and the Rake series that represents traces carved on the land by farming, carry her respect for and attachment to place, as well as her deep care for the reciprocal relationship of humans and the environment.
For Rea, experiencing the memory of place through her art is an attempt to reflect on her own place and sense of unity with the landscape that embraces her being. 

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