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Scope of Distance

Date: Dec 27, 2021, (all day)
Duration - 119 days
Location - Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft, Denmark
Anett Biliczki addresses the sense of belonging and the reminiscence of places and memories.

The artist's objects encapsulate memories from places, where she has lived: Hungary; Bornholm, Denmark; and Germany, where she collected visual inspiration from the surroundings. She focuses on natural phenomenas such as erosion. evaporation, and sediments. These observations have a direct impact on the visual language of her works, and also on her working methods.

She combines glass with various materials to achieve the desired expressions and challenge the viewer's perception of glass. Scope of Distance, which presents process-based glass work, forms one of the museum's Study exhibitions. The Study is an exhibition concept designed to give glass artists the opportunity to show projects of an experimental and innovative nature.

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