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GLAS HAT UNS: The Glask√ľnstlervereinigung NRW eV presents contemporary glass

Date: Oct 31, 2021, (all day)
Duration - 92 days
Location - German Glass Painting Museum, Linnich, Germany

The focus of the Glaskünstlervereinigung NRW eV is the fascination with the material glass and the associated will to get involved with an initially brittle, fragile, transparent and incredibly versatile material. In the special exhibition “GLAS HAT UNS,” 20 artists working with glass across many techniques present their works. The title of the exhibition refers to the strong identification with the fragile material, the processing of which places high demands on the artist, but also the necessary passion and qualification to meet this demand. The exhibition title is based on Paul Klee's statement "The color has me. I no longer need to hunt for it. It has me forever and knows that. That is the meaning of the happy hour: I and the color are one."

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