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Questionable Foods: Kathleen Elliot

Date: Sep 7, 2021, (all day)
Duration - 95 days
Location - Phillips Museum of Art, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Examining and working with diverse experiences in corporate business and alternative spirituality, cultural commentary, and craft technique, Kathleen Elliot produces unique sequences of forms and images designed to prompt fundamental questioning and discovery. Based in Cupertino, CA, Elliot draws on her surroundings as well as on her extensive studies in philosophy and linguistics to explore questions of reality, ethics, and the composition of everyday life. She has recently expanded her practice to incorporate mixed-media and collage works addressing the developed world’s problematic relationship with food and the political and financial forces that surround and manipulate it. “Questionable Foods,” collages and constructions, become a tool for piercing the field of hyperbole and manipulation that surrounds the relentless marketing of food as a commercial product.

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