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Chameleon Effects: Glass (Un)Defined

Date: Mar 27, 2021, (all day)
Duration - 366 days
Location - Toledo Museum of Art, OH
Chameleon Effects: Glass (Un)Defined brings together historical and contemporary works from the Toledo Museum of Art’s collection to explore the spectrum of technical and formal possibilities of glass.

One of the oldest human-made substances, glass is neither a true solid nor a liquid and belies conventional understandings of how materials work. For more than 4,000 years, artists have exploited the inherent mutability of glass, transforming the molten material into an impressive range of forms, colors, and textures,often blurring the lines between one medium and another. More recently, artists have turned to newer materials and techniques, such as plastic and photography, to engage with historic glass and draw connections with the past. Looking at the relationship between glass, precious stones, metalwork, ceramics, photography, and performance, Chameleon Effects demonstrates the longstanding history of glass’ interaction with other materials, while challenging traditional art historical categories of separate media and defined materials.

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