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2020 Intersect Chicago

2020 Intersect Chicago

Intersect Chicago/SOFA 2020

Intersect Chicago/SOFA will be a virtual art fair this year with special programming from November 6-12. The fair will feature a special focus for each day, with the first day, November 6, focusing on glass. Galleries from around the world will participate with virtual exhibitions that will remain up on Artsy through December 5. Intersect Chicago is the evolution of SOFA – Sculpture Objects Functional Art. It will feature institutions from around the world with dedicated programming. A VIP day on Thursday, November 5, will feature short segments of collectors showing their collections, including AACG members.

Among the special programming on November 6 will be an exhibition organized by critic and curator Paul Laster (Time Out New York, Galerie, Art & Object, Sculpture, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Cultured, and ArtAsiaPacific) and independent curator and art advisor Renée Riccardo (ARENA) presenting contemporary artists working with glass in innovative ways. Throughout that day, varous glass organizations will be presenting programming. Check the Intersect Chicago website for details as they become available. 

AACG Programs During Intersect Chicago/SOFA 2020

  • Thursday, November 5: The day before the opening of Intersect Chicago will be a special VIP day filled with tours of personal collections. Only Intersect Chicago VIPs will be given access to the tours. All AACG members will receive VIP access. AACG will present four major collections of AACG members during our hour time slot. The collections include two in Texas, one in Illinois, and one in Michigan. Click here to become an AACG member and obtain a VIP pass. 

  • Friday, November 6: AACG will present its program for the Intersect Chicago day of glass at 1 PM Eastern time, a panel discussion titled “The Merging of Contemporary Glass With Contemporary Art.” Panel Moderator, Larry Sibrack, AACG president-elect; Panelists: Koen Vanmechelen representing Glasstress and Fondazione Berengo of Venice, Italy; Kristin Qualls, Museum of American Glass, representing the Emanation Program; and artist Tim Tate representing 21st Century Contemporary Glass.

After the first week of Intersect Chicago/SOFA, AACG will also present six additional programs. Four are presentations about glass art in specific regions of the U.S., and two have an international focus. Each program is an hour and will be posted on this website, as well as on AACG's Intersect Chicago page. These programs include:

  • Monday, November 16, at 10 a.m. Eastern time: Glass Alliance New Mexico will present "Where There Is Sand, There Is Glass Art!" Stay tuned as we travel to the high desert of New Mexico to meet the local artisans in this Southwest glass oasis and find out what is going on there. Sand. Heat. Vision. Inspiration. Creativity. Artistry. Mix these components in the right proportions, at the right time and place, by the right artisan and the result is glass art of exquisite beauty, unquestionable elegance, and remarkable impact. It is art that can inspire, awe, and engage a viewer’s emotions at the deepest levels. Join Glass Alliance-New Mexico for a newsworthy journey that will inspire a visit!

  • Tuesday, November 17, at 10 a.m. Eastern time. Glass Alliance of Northern California (GLANC) will present "No SPF Required: A Virtual Look at the Bright World of Northern California Art Glass." With early roots in the studio glass movement, this local region not only has a great history attached to this art form, but has helped fuel the innovation that makes the glass world what it is today.  Join us for a look into the Bay Area glass community as we visit some of the collections, galleries, and artists that make this area such a rich oasis for lovers of glass art! 

  • Wednesday, November 18, at 10 a.m. Eastern time. AACG presents "Venice: A Personal Look Inside Everyone’s  Favorite Glass Destination." Working and living in Venice and Murano in 2020 presents challenging dynamics. This is a “behind the scenes” look at art, people and factories, plus a much needed lunch break at Lele’s. 

  • Thursday, November 19, at 10 a.m. Eastern time. The New York Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Group (MCGG) and Heller Gallery are presenting a program called "Treasures from SOFAs Past." Katya Heller will present New York-based artists and their work, and MCGG will present works from its members' collectors with the theme "Art purchased at SOFAs past."

  • Friday, November 20, at 10 a.m. Eastern time. AACG presents "Contemporary Glass Sculpture Abounds," focusing on glass in Budapest, Hungary, brought to us by Zsuzsanna Kóródi, a young artist living and working in Budapest, whose own work can be seen in galleries in Europe and the U.S.

  • Saturday, November 21, at 10 a.m. Eastern time. AACG presents "A Gathering of Glass in the Mountains," a survey of glass art in Asheville, North Carolina, and the surrounding area.