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View AACG Education in Glass Art Series Videos

Video recordings of all AACG's online Education in Glass Art series have been posted on our YouTube page. Click here to access the entire series to date. The next teleconference in the series will be held on February 22, featuring artist Carrie Fertig,  whose traveling interactive exhibition, Forgiveness, uses art as a vehicle for personal growth.Our November episode featured artist Michael Janis talking about his process of making art. Others in the series available for viewing include Glass in Fine Art Venues with William Warmus and Tim Tate, Sarah Nelson about Contemporary Glass art in New Mexico, The Glass Market with William Warmus and Lewis Wexler, Attracting a Younger Audience with Susie Silbert, Kate Vogel and John Littleton discussing Harvey Littleton and glass art in North Carolina, an interview with Jan Smith of the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, and Marketing Glass Art with Dr. Phillip Kotler. WHEN YOU VISIT THE AACG YouTube SITE, be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

| Posted 19 Nov 25

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