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“Seeking Freedom” at National Liberty Museum

On June 28, the National Liberty Museum had a spectacular opening of Seeking Freedom, its new exhibition featuring six artists who left communist countries seeking artistic and economic freedom. The show features work by Janus Walentynowicz from Poland, Binh Pho from Vietnam, Martin Rosol from Czechoslovakia, Jose Chardiet from Cuba, Latchezar Boyadjiev from Bulgaria and Pavel Novak from Czechoslovakia. Their stories are told with text on the walls, essays in the catalog and through their glass sculptures.

Over 150 people attended the exhibition opening.  The National Liberty Museum thanks AACG for providing a 50th Anniversary grant to publish a hardcover book for the exhibit. When Harvey Littleton started the Studio Glass Movement, little did he know that he would spawn such a creative and dynamic environment that artists from around the world would be willing to risk their lives to live and work in a free society. The show will continue through October 12. Visit the National Liberty Museum at 321 Chestnut Street Philadelphia to see this poignant exhibit. Visit the National Liberty Museum website at

| Posted 12 Jul 12

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