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Glass Furnace in Istanbul to Host Tagliapietra, Marioni and Pozniak

Maestro Lino Tagliapietra is coming to Istanbul in April in honor of the Glass Furnace's 10th anniversary. Tagliapietra will host 12 glass-blowing demonstrations for Glass Furnace guests on April 21-27. Glass makers, aspiring artists and people who love the art from all corners of the globe will be joined at the Glass Furnace by world famous glass artist Dante Marioni and Seattle glass artist Janusz Pozniak, who will assist Tagliapietra in his demonstrations. The maestro will stage a new feat at the Glass Furnace during his April 21-27 appearance. Tagliapietra will create unique works of art by using the same form but different design, pushing the boundaries of glass with his assistants in a historic week that will inspire all spectators.

Daily ticket: $100 USD+VAT; Full 6-day ticket: $500 USD+VAT. The prices include the transportation from Kavacik, lunch, coffee and tea.

There's limit of 60 seats per day. The shows are between 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00.

In addition to paying participants, we also have an ongoing effort to include art students at the festivities. Please give us a call at 0216 3433 36 93 if you would like to help sponsor young artists from Turkey at this event.

| Posted 12 Mar 09

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