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President’s Message

President’s Message

April 2014

This has been one of those rare winters when I envy our snowbird members who travel south for the winter. For those of us who stay above the Mason-Dixon Line, it has been a brutal winter. What a perfect time to dust off all our glass and open our homes to visitors so that our art can brighten up their lives and add some joy to an otherwise dreary winter. If dusting is not to your liking, this would have also been an ideal time to shop around for new all-wheel drive cars.

Throughout the year there will be many glass and art events around the country that will provide complimentary tickets to AACG members. Since these will almost always be done through e-mails, it’s very important that your e-mail information is correct in our system. If you have any doubt, just e-mail Linda Greene at with your correct or updated information.

The AACG sponsored trip to Israel this coming November is really coming together under the guidance of AACG advisory board member David Denn. I’m sure David had no idea how much work and how complicated this undertaking would be. However, David is not one to back down from a challenge and is doing a magnificent job. The 40 AACG members who were chosen by lottery will have one of the best trips of their lives. Thank you, David, for all your hard work.

I recommend that all our members add our award winning website,, to their favorites on their computers or mobile devices. Since we will be communicating more and more this way, this will keep you from missing out on any of the exciting events we have upcoming.

Finally, please consider being a member at the Visionary level. In addition to the perks (view on our website), you will be supporting our extensive, world-wide grants program and all the other good things that the Art Alliance does.

If, for some reason, you are not yet a member of AACG, I encourage you to join. I always look forward and appreciate hearing from any of our members and non-members who have comments or questions about anything related to AACG. Please contact me at, or call my office at 631-979-6000.


Harlan J. Fischer